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Pricing Plans to meet your Needs

The iplocate IP Intelligence Service provides a variety of pricing plans to meet your needs. In order to use iplocate IP Intelligence Service, please register for an iplocate user account and choose the right plan for your application.


  • (up to) 100 queries per day
  • € 0 / query
  • no discount
  • no support
  • API call history


12 / month
  • (up to) 2500 queries per day
  • € 0.00016 / query
  • 20% discount
  • support available
  • API call history


21 / month
  • (up to) 5000 queries per day
  • € 0.00014 / query
  • 30% discount
  • support available
  • API call history


33 / month
  • (up to) 10000 queries per day
  • € 0.00011 / query
  • 45% discount
  • support available
  • API call history

When the daily query limit is reached, no more query results will be provided to your application.
If you need more than this, please contact us using the following email address:

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