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How iplocate Service works

Our Geolocation Service is very simple. Your application makes a call to our IP Intelligence Service using the visitor's IP address.


the parameters can be specified in any order inside URL

Parameter Required Default Value Description
ip no client IP address IP address
key yes empty API key provided for registered application
output no XML specifies the format for responses: XML, JSON, RAW
timezone no false specifies the timezone for responses: true, false
hostname no false specifies the hostname for responses: true, false
language no false specifies the official language for responses: true, false
currency no false specifies the currency for responses: true, false

The API Key is a unique value that identifies your application in our system, with limited or extended query calls. To obtain a valid API key for your application, please register for an iplocate user account.

The iplocate Geolocation Service sends responses to your application in structured XML data format, JSON data format or plain text (RAW). A response provides the following information:

Element Description
ip referenced IP address
hostname hostname of the supplied IP address
owner owner of the suplied IP address
continent_name continent name
continent_code continent code
country_name ISO-3166 country name
country_code ISO-3166 two-letter country code
region_name region name
region_code region code
county_name county name
city_name city name
latitude latitude of the identified location, with positive numbers representing North and negative numbers representing South
longitude longitude of the identified location, with positive numbers representing East and negative numbers representing West
timezone timezone


Update & Correction

Suggestions about update or correction? Let us know using the email address and we will contact you in the next few days.